Our story

Every good story has true love in it right, right? 

Our story is no different. 

God loves us so much that he gave his only son,

Jesus, to atone for our sins. He loves us so much

that he continually renews his grace for us daily.

He loves us so much that, as long as we love Him

and His Son, we are perfect in his eyes.

All of our stories started the same, this is

how we continued ours.

Our continuing story

The Lord promised that he would never leave us, nor forsake us.  The story of our church starts with those true words.  

Through a number of disappointments and problems, God was with the founders of this church

On June 25, 1948, in the home of the Bowers, the Holy Ghost led 40 people to create a new congregation with only 15 members.  They began with $15.00 offering from the appointed Deacons: Brother W. L. Bowers; Brother Eston Bowers; and Brother Elbert Clemons, and no physical location, no place to worship and fellowship, no home.  With no money and no home, they sought the Lord's favor and found it!  The church multiplied, a home plot was purchased for $250.00, and they started building on the land.  Eventually, they were able to build an equip the brick building that you see here today.  

Before the church was even established, the Lord called upon a shepherd filled with the Holy Ghost, W. W. Ward, who spoke at the first meeting in 1948 and became the first official pastor of Hunter Memorial Baptist. During Pastor Ward's call, the Lord added more than 300 people to the church. The building was dedicated on August 14, 1960. 

Never in this community has the Lord taken so few and so little and grew them and done so much.

Present Day

Doug Hartley has been shepherding the flock of Hunter Memorial for over 12 years. He and his wife, Amanda, have been using their God given gifts to reach the youth, the lost, and adults with their unfailing love, encouragement, and genuine care for their church and the local community.

They have been married since November 4, 1995 and have two sons; Garrett and Zachary.